Our Tuition for GCSE and A-level

About our tutors

All tutors with A-Star English are required to be English graduates, many of whom possess a post-graduate certificate. Tutors with us all have their background in English studies, allowing them to draw upon years of experience. All new tutors must undergo a CRB check before they undertake any tuition.

Unlike larger tuition agencies, tutors representing A-Star English are contracted to use a scheme of work that has been created by Leanne to meet the general targets of the pupil within the framework of the National Curriculum. This means lessons have been structured and planned to ensure the student is covering the appropriate subject matter.

The lesson plans have been created with the aim of enabling the tutor to carry out a lively and enjoyable lesson that will both encourage and stimulate the pupil. (The tutor will then tailor this folder to meet the individual needs of the pupil, adding extra material as necessary).

  • We select tutors who are both personable & professional
  • Tutors undergo supervision and have opportunities to shadow their supervisor
  • Regular contact is made to ensure the client is happy
  • All of our tutors specialise in English Studies
  • It is our aim for students to exceed their expectations

About our GCSE/IGCSE and A-Level tuition

Throughout GCSE tuition, lessons are structured with the aim of covering all elements of the examinations, whichever exam board they are using, concluding with the completion of timed practice papers. We strongly believe in familiarising pupils with the breakdown of the English examinations and then working through each element of the exam in turn. This method is aimed at raising pupils’ confidence and competence in each area, resulting in greater overall examination success. In a one-to-one session we are able to devote more time to areas which require the most improvement and practice in an environment where the student feels able to ask questions and to practice until they are reaching above and beyond their target grade.

We also recruit tutors who specialise in preparing students for A-Level examinations and who are familiar with the range of specifications set by the various examination bodies. We primarily provide help with the examinations: English Language, English Literature and the combined study of English Language and Literature and are familiar with the requirements set by the AQA, Edexcel and OCR examination bodies. A-level sessions can happen during the day and are great opportunity to utilize students’ free study periods.

If the specifications of any course change or a text is being studied that our tutor is unfamiliar with, with sufficient notice, our tutors will dedicate themselves to reading a new set text or poetry anthology either prior to the commencement of tuition, or during the course.