Our Primary Tuition..

About our tutors

We believe that young people need to be respected and supported in an encouraging environment where they are relaxed and able to freely ask questions. A one-to-one tuition session with A-Star English provides a nurturing atmosphere where stimulating resources are provided to challenge thinking skills and to aid progression and development.

Tutors in our organisation have high expectations and set time-framed, achievable targets for their pupils. A-Star English uses a friendly, patient and positive approach to teaching and learning, meaning that pupils are eager and determined to succeed.

  • Tuition is tailored to met the individual needs of the student
  • We work though each area of the subject, giving parents regular feedback
  • We can help with SATs, 11+, common entrance and verbal reasoning
  • We create lessons to suit the student's own pace
  • We can help prepare students for secondary school

About our tutition

The National Curriculum’s ethos, values and targets are adopted and form the basis of the individual lesson plan. However, children are treated as individuals and their talents and successes are celebrated.

Any difficulties or problematic areas can quickly be addressed during the lesson and also in homework tasks which are specifically tailored to the needs of the individual. We believe that tutors must work closely with parents and children as this ‘triangle’ (the strongest mathematical shape) is what will enable optimal advances in the chosen subject area.

In order to implement this concept, parents receive a monthly progress report about how their child is coping with their sessions.

Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing are the core concepts in English and tutors in our organisation will work through each area of the subject with their pupils. Studying passages for reading comprehension exercises and how to structure and then edit/improve a story are often difficult objectives for children to grasp.

Working at a child’s own pace with the added and constant support from one of our tutors will increase their self-esteem and confidence. Also, Children are taught how to write in the many different forms required for the SATs at the end of Year 6.

In addition, Poetry and play scripts can be explored in a non-threatening manner where the child takes ownership of their learning. A-Star English tutors can also focus on preparation for the 11+ common entrance exams if required.

We aim to meet the individual requirements of the pupil, whatever their needs and strive to aid their independence in preparation for the demands of secondary school.