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    The pupil's preparedness for examinations as a result of our tuition:

    " My son was very prepared for both his GCSE and AS level English. Leanne really helped him with organisational skills, planning answers and model answers. She also helped him to think about how to plan his coursework. She also saw my daughter before her English A level and helped her prepare too. She is very knowledgeable about the syllabus and course requirements. Her exam workshops were excellent too."

    The pupil's change in confidence as a result of our tuition:

    "When my son first went to Leanne he was in quite low sets at school.My son’s confidence has improved. Leanne helped him to see that his main problems were his handwriting and organisation and not the contents of what he wrote. This impacted on other subjects. The skills she teaches can be transferred to other subjects requiring essays and coursework."

    The tutor’s dedication to meet individual requirements throughout tuition:

    "She is very dedicated. She arranges extra help and support in the run up to exams and coursework deadlines. She seems to give the student the help they need with an individual plan. She is flexible about where and when to meet."

    The value for money of our tuition:

    "Good. I have not used other tutors but on asking around she seems reasonable. She certainly works them hard during the hour."

    Communication with A-Star English:


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