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    The pupil's preparedness for examinations as a result of our tuition:

    "Preparation for the exam was excellent. Lots of questions and paper practice with first-rate feedback and valuable guidance."

    The pupil's change in confidence as a result of our tuition:

    "Without Andy’s help my son, who had lost confidence at GCSE English level, wasn’t getting the help he needed in a large class, would have gone into the exam dreading it. He had lost confidence at school and was gradually sliding down and loosing enthusiasm. Andy ‘turned this around,’ brought the belief back that he had the ability and he went into the exam confident that he would be able to answer the questions within the right timings with the required content."

    The tutor’s dedication to meet individual requirements throughout tuition:

    "Fantastic; A*"

    The value for money of our tuition:

    "It was unfortunate that we had to find a tutor in the first place but it was worth every penny. We did research beforehand and found your prices competitive."

    Communication with A-Star English:

    "Excellent and Andy was very accommodating to fit us in within his busy schedule, particularly just before the exam in November."

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