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    The pupil's preparedness for examinations as a result of our tuition:

    "Excellent, he really knew what to expect in the exam and what the examiners were looking for."

    The pupil's change in confidence as a result of our tuition:

    "The really positive constructive feedback in the tutorials boosted my son’s confidence. He felt so much happier about English after the tutorials with A*"

    The tutor’s dedication to meet individual requirements throughout tuition:

    "Excellent, really nice to have personalised tutorials and homework to do between sessions. My son learnt a lot form the one to one feedback of the work he had done between lessons."

    The value for money of our tuition:

    "Expensive compared to music lessons but well worth it in the end. GCSE English language and literature are so important and the tutoring also helped with History."

    Communication with A-Star English:

    "Excellent, nice to be able to text to check times of lessons in the holidays. The tutor always had time at the end of the session to explain how my son was progressing."

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