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    The pupil's preparedness for examinations as a result of our tuition:

    "Jasmine lacks confidence expressing herself in English. This course helped her focus in her division in a structured way, enhance her skills to work at a higher level and built her confidence so that she didn't fear exploring and embellishing on her thoughts and ideas."

    The pupil's change in confidence as a result of our tuition:

    "Massive improvement in confidence. Able to express her opinions and ideas without fear or concern."

    The tutor’s dedication to meet individual requirements throughout tuition:

    "Leanne assessed Jasmine first to understand her ability level and her potential. She then put together lessons to ensure Jasmine improved in the right areas and improved her confidence across the board. "

    The value for money of our tuition:

    "Genuinely don't feel you can out a price on your child's confidence or education. Tuition typically is not cheap, however this was no more expensive than any others I looked into. Difference is A-Star English came highly recommended and they didn't disappoint."

    Communication with A-Star English:

    "Always found Leanne easy to communicate with, happy to discuss my daughter's progress and make recommendations when necessary."

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