A Star English is a Winchester based, home English tuition agency established in 2003 by Leanne Oliver BA(Hons) PG(Cert). We provide private tuition for SATS - GCSE - A-Level - TEFL.

We guarantee to provide tutors dedicated to obtaining success, ensuring that every student's individual potential is fulfilled. A Star English differs from other tuition agencies in that we specialise in English, this means we can offer a more focused, experienced and informed approach.


Why we succeed...

All our tutors are both enthusiastic and personable, when tutoring young people we strongly believe this creates a more refreshing and consequently rewarding work environment.

If you would like to read about our approach to primary tuition

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If you would like to read about our approach to GCSE and A-level tuition

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A Star English takes pride in offering a more personal and dedicated service. This is achieved by regular contact with both the tutor, with whom Leanne consults on a weekly basis and in addition their ongoing pupils.

As such, we offer constant support to both parties, ensuring the highest standards of client satisfaction are met.


2015 GCSE Revision Workshops

Plans for the 2015 Easter English Revision Workshops soar ahead. Created by a team of our tutors, we offer lively, intensive and exam-focused sessions

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We tailor the learning programe based on individual students and texts.


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